WDSI can provide you with FEA on your design projects or a design we may be working on for you. We also have a PE on staff that can review the findings and provide certified drawings per your requirements.

Winch Tension Arm Spreader

This winch tension arm spreader is used to precisely open tension arms on a winch assembly, so the limit switches can be set safely and accurately.

Boom Support

Support is used in assembling and aligning multiple boom sections for a crane manufacture.  This unit has wheels which sit on floor mounted rails.  It also has a self contained hydraulic power unit which supplies power to two large cylinders for raising and lowering boom sections during assembly and alignment procedures.

Spring Collapse Tool

This tool is used to collapse a large compression spring to aid in the installation in a military vehicle.

Boom Counter-Weight Platform

This platform is used in assembling and aligning multiple boom sections for a crane manufacture.

Adjustable Seat

This seat was designed to be used in an assembly line prior to the permanent seat being installed in a military vehicle.  The design had to be light weight to allow ease in installation and removal along with the handling capability of holding a 250 pound person during typical driving conditions.

Support Stands & Sawhorses

We can design, FEA, PE Stamp, and manufacture custom stands based on your specific requirements.

Frame & Outriggers for Arial Lift

Here is a new frame and outriggers design for an aerial lift.  The customer came to us with the concept sketch.  WDSI developed the complete design and detail package. We then managed all aspects of the build for the first prototype.

4 Wheel Suspension for Aerial Lift

A new aerial lift suspension design keeps the platform level as a vehicle maneuvers through various types of terrain.  The customer came to us with a concept.  WDSI developed the complete design and detail package.

Dump Trailers

WDSI has been involved with several trailer manufactures in various roles.  We reverse engineer, create new design and detail projects, as well as FEA and cost analysis.  We have worked on single and tandem axle trailers with solid or dump beds and air bag lowered beds on trailers.