WDSI is your solution for your handling solution. We can provide you with anything from simple conveyor solutions to complex custom design carts to transfer your materials. We specialize in the design/build of the unique one-offs that will create a smooth flow at your facility.

Jack Stand and Air Float System

Air float system was designed to carry several different crane frames through an assembly line.  The unit uses four air floats between two separate stands with air lines connect through a hose reel.  System allows an individual to manipulate several tons without assistance.

Turning Rings

Turning rings were designed to carry a load of approximately 80,000 lb.  Originally the part was turned using an overhead crane and lifting slings which is time consuming and dangerous with such large parts.  The rings allow the operator to rotate the part to any orientation safely and in a matter of minutes.
  • New Clamping Design
  • Old Arm with Magnet

Robotic Arm End Effector

Robotic arm to lift tubing needed to be redesigned from a magnetic end effector to one that clamped.  The arm inserts the effector into one of the stacked tubes and clamps to the outside before lifting.

Sub Frame Cart for Blasting and Paint

A universal cart was designed to hold sub frame weldments through both the blasting and paint process.  Previously, several carts were used to hold specific sub frame lengths or styles.  To reduce time waiting on availability of particular carts, they were combined into one capable of holding many different sub frames.

Weldment Kit Racks and Work Station

8 ft. and 12 ft. long racks were designed to hold weldment kits for transportation between facilities and use on the assembly line.  The kits are are transported to the work cell, stacked, and unloaded to a table as they are ready to be welded.

Carrier Build & Storage Cart

Final painted parts for carrier frames are assembled on this cart.  The integrated rack allows the finished frame to be lifted off the cart, stacked and stored until it is needed for assembly with the vehicle.

Tow Line Cart

This cart was designed for use on a new assembly line.  The pinned supports can be placed in different height and width positions to accommodate a wide range of vehicle sizes.

Clamping Fixture with Drying Rack

This fixture was designed to position and clamp foil insulation packs to steel door panels during gluing process.  After components are glued and clamped they can be hung in the drying rack to cure.  This process was developed to make assembly placement consistent and free up floor space required during 10 hour curing time.

Robotic Material Handling Arm

Conceptual sketches of a complete material handling system were developed to manipulate rubber-roofing materials.  System was designed to eliminate injuries related to lifting of heavy rubber roofing materials.  From the sketches the design and detailing of robotic arm was competed, parts ordered and assembly managed.  We worked close with the material manufacture and electrical engineers to verify that all aspects of the project had been considered.

Frame Kit Racks

Racks are used to group all of the components required to build a vehicle frame into a kit.  The racks can then be delivered to the welding cell for assembly.

Cab Racks

Racks are used to mount a completed tractor cab for shipping and transportation in assembly plant.

Engine Stand

Stand was developed to mount two different incoming engines to for ease of assembling additional components and transport through facility.

Suspension Arm Install Devise

Hydraulic pump was replaced on a cart that holds up to 3 suspension arms in place for installation in a vehicle.  Guarding for the battery and pump were also included in the upgrade.

Track Install Machines

Carts with motorized spools of cable to pull tracks over vehicles were reverse engineered and upgraded.  They attached to the front of the vehicles which together rolled forward as the tracks were pulled over suspension arms.  A different machine was used for each of 3 vehicles.  Mesh guarding was added for safety.

Line Transport Dollies

To eliminate using an overhead crane while moving between work stations, these transport dollies were designed to allow heavy frames to be rolled during the assembly process.  Two different dolly styles were produced to clamp to either a vertical plate or tubing at the bottom of three different vehicle models.


Container was developed to group all components for a sub-assembly on a motor grader line.  As components were received they are placed in the container and when full it is delivered to the assembly cell.  Parts are placed so the operator can pull each out in the order needed to build.