WDSI is your solution for your handling solution. We can provide you with anything from simple conveyor solutions to complex custom design carts to transfer your materials. We specialize in the design/build of the unique one-offs that will create a smooth flow at your facility.

Boom Support

Support is used in assembling and aligning multiple boom sections for a crane manufacture.  This unit has wheels which sit on floor mounted rails.  It also has a self contained hydraulic power unit which supplies power to two large cylinders for raising and lowering boom sections during assembly and alignment procedures.

Support Stands & Sawhorses

We can design, FEA, PE Stamp, and manufacture custom stands based on your specific requirements.

Military Vehicle Suspension Arm Install

The design concept of an assembly station to press bearings into the suspension arm; then transfer from a table into position for installation on the vehicle.

Military Vehicle Blast Cabinet Design Proposal

Blast machine manufacture brought us concept for blasting military vehicle bodies.  WDSI took the concept and developed it into a working model, in order to prove out the proposal.

Air Float Transfer, Assembly Line

An air float system was designed to carry several different crane frames through an assembly line.  The unit uses four air floats between two separate stands with air lines connected through a hose reel.  This system allows an individual to manipulate several tons without assistance.