WDSI has helped many customers to reverse engineer products. Whether it is a complete product line of documentation or a tool that you need to reproduce we can provide you the resources you need.

Hydraulic Cylinder

This cylinder design and reverse engineering for manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders used in products ranging from hydraulic dump beds and trailers to cranes and aerial work platforms. We have had involvement with Single Acting, Double Acting, Telescopic, Ram and Custom Designed Cylinders.

Dump Trailers

WDSI has been involved with several trailer manufactures in various roles.  We reverse engineer, create new design and detail projects, as well as FEA and cost analysis.  We have worked on single and tandem axle trailers with solid or dump beds and air bag lowered beds on trailers.

Auxiliary Rescue Units

This is a primary design source for a rescue unit manufacture.  WDSI began work to reverse engineer their first emergency rescue unit.  Since the initial project, we played a part in the development of more than 6 new models and multiple versions of each model.